Monday, September 16, 2013

First Visit to Chuck.E.Cheese

While we were at my parents in Orlando we took the boys to Chuck.E.Cheese for the first time.

The boys absolutely loved it!!! It was quite a bit different than I remember it from my childhood. There was more for little kids than I had expected.


Garren wasn't sure about this ride at first but then he
wouldn't get off of it & rode it 4 times in a row, lol

Caden was ready to ride but Kellan was smitten with Barney :)

Kellan holding Barney's hands

Ridin' the rides!!!

I think Kellan is ready to be a jockey, lol

Garren cruisin' with Chuck E

Caden liked the games :)

A boy after my heart with ski-ball!

Garren did a little dancing...
Actually he did a lot of dancing!

Kellan liked the flying bicycle too!

And so did Caden!

It was a really fun night, a little exhausting chasing the boys around but very much worth it!

Friday morning as we were getting ready to head home Garren started saying "cheese." I thought he was asking for cheese to eat but then he'd do a little dance move & say "dance." I finally figured out he was asking to go to Chuck.E.Cheese & dance. This kid seriously cracks me up!!!
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for such a fun treat!!!


  1. That boy got moves. What a cutie. Glad your first visit was a good one. I've yet to have one ;-)

    1. I'm sure our good experience had a lot to do with Grandma & Grandpa being there & the man to man coverage of the boys, lol...



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