Friday, March 4, 2011

21 Week Growth Scan

Well everything went great at the boys check up today, They re-checked their anatomy and they are all still boys :) They all had heartrates in the 150's. Baby A & B weigh 1 pound 1 ounce, Baby C weighs 1 pound. The doctor said he couldn't ask for them to grow any more evenly or any better.

They are still watching my cervix weekly. They do 2 measurements, the regular length and a compressed length. This week both the measurements were the same, and they were consistent with last weeks compressed measurement. So it has actually shorted ever so slightly, but the doctor said he is not concerned, but will check it again next week. At this point if it does shorten I will be put in the hospital, it is too late for a cerclage now.

Baby A, as usual, gave us lots of poses and another good photo op for a 4D photo, Baby B was facing my back and would not turn his head for a photo at all, Baby C gave us a nice profile shot but would not turn his head towards the camera either. So I think we only have 1 supermodel on our hands :)

4D photo of Baby A

Baby B didn't want his photo taken today
so this is the best one we got of him

Profile of Baby C
He didn't want to look at the camera either


  1. I love the fact that Baby A is a super model, I can already seeing him posing like his mom with his hands under his arms, chin out.

    I am glad that all is going well with the boys. Hopefully your cervix will stay where it needs to be and you won't have to go the hospital or as you put it hispital.........

    love you guys,

  2. If you're not shouldn't be too late for a cerclage????

  3. I hope that it all works out!! The babies are so adorable already! :) Im very happy for you!

  4. Thanks for the updates. Aunt Ro and I are with you each step of the way. Glad you and the boys are doing so good. Rest Relax and enjoy your time now, bucause soon you will be running after 3 little ones for a long time to come. How is Donna holding up?
    Luv Ya all
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

  5. Jessica, my Dr actually just said at this point they wouldn't do a cerclage, they would put me in the hospital, maybe because they're triplets?

    Pat, Donna is doing good, she is getting anxious about having 3 BABIES! but she's handling it pretty well :)

  6. Love seeing the boys! Glad that all is going well. Look forward to all your updates.xoxo Sandy



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