Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Operation Toddler Beds ~ Week 2

This week started week 2 of the boys in toddler beds...

Last night we tucked the boys into bed, I was going to read to them but Kellan was crying about going to bed & I didn't feel like yelling over him, so I put the book away & took my place on the floor between their beds. At first everyone layer down & I thought thankfully this looks like its going to be an easy night... I thought too soon! The boys started jumping in their beds & then into each others beds. My back ached from laying on that floor every afternoon & every night, some nights all night long due to the boys being sick & waking throughout the night. I was too tired tonight. My patience quickly left me & I got up & walked out of their bedroom. Donna asked what was going on & I just said I cannot do this tonight. She reminded me that out plan wasn't o lay in their every night until they went to sleep & that they had to learn to stay on bed in their own & go to sleep. I agreed, I guess with Caden & Kellan being so sick & having trouble at night I just got sucked in & forgot the initial plan. So I watched from the monitor and as one got out of bed I went in & put him back, after a couple times of me going in, Donna took a turn at it, then I went in, then she went in & then finally... They went to sleep :)

Eason trying to wake Caden for a doctors appt...

So today for nap time I rounded the boys up into their room, got them each in their own beds & said night night. Garren was missing his lovey so I knew I'd have to go back in which worked out for today. I left closed the door & went to find Garren's lovey, I took it back in just in time to see Caden dive back into his bed. I then noticed Kellan was missing his pacifier, so agin I walked out, closed the door & went to find a pacifier. I walked back in again just catching Caden not getting out of his bed, lol...
I kissed them all again & said time for naps, go night night. I walked out, closing the door & headed to our room to get the monitor. I pick it up just in time to see Garren sneak into Caden's bed, so I go back in, put Garren back in his bed & tell him that's it, time to go night night. He cried for a couple of minutes & they were all out! :)

Garren not budging...

Last night the plan was again to read a bedtime story & say goodnight & leave. The story didn't happen do to crying again. We gave hugs & kisses, tucked everyone in, said goodnight & left. Besides the tears, it went really really well. The boys stayed in bed, they cried... Kind of like the early days of being put in their cribs. (I was never a fan of crying it out & they never cried for more than a couple of minutes, just letting us know their protest to going to bed) about 20 minutes after we left I spotted Garren crawling across the floor, lol... He grabbed a book & jumped back in bed. A few minutes later Caden was standing in front of bed, he looked like he was trying to decided what he could get away with. Donna went in at this point & tucked everyone back in. We didn't hear from them again after that until 8 o'clock this morning :)

Eason gave up on Kellan & just joined him :)

Hopefully it continues to go well. I am happy with the progress they have made staying in bed & sleeping all night with the exception of being sick. 

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  1. YEE HAW ! Nice job !
    I always remember the Super Nanny saying over and over again. Do not talk. Just go in, don't say a word. Put them back in bed and walk out. No more goodnights. No more I love yous.
    Maybe try that. You know, so they'll know you are FOR SURE serious. :) ha ha

    It's really hard when you have 1 or in your case 2 who may be better and easier sleepers...but there's always 1 in the group who screws it all up and gets everyone going. :) or maybe that's just at my house.



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