Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday August & Liam

We had the pleasure of attending our adorable little friends August & Liam's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday.


The boys had such a good time bouncing in the bounce house, running around the backyard (playing in the dirt) & playing with the other kids in the playroom. They also LOVED the cupcakes, eating them icing first just like their great grandma would.

The boys made a couple of new friends, one that is just as obsessed with Thomas.the.Train as they are & the other a sweet little girl who also has 2 moms.

August :)

Liam and August were the cutest little guests of honor & were so fun to watch eating their little birthday cakes. 



Garren made quite the exit when we were leaving, yelling "bye bye, have a good day" to everyone & then he proceeded to walk around hugging & kissing everyone goodbye, lol! He is such a little nut!
It sure has been fun watching these little guys grow since we met them 8 months ago & we look forward to the adventures the next year has in store for them & their mamas!

Happy Happy 1st Birthday Sweet August & Liam!!!


  1. How great that you've been able to connect and share.

  2. We loved having you, Donna and the boys over to share our special day! Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings for all of us xoxo

  3. Thomas the train rocks!! Camren also is a dab and loves the train he got to ride (though he's still a we bit small)... Anyway these birthday bits are adorable! Its fantastic you have so many friends with kiddos!



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