Monday, September 30, 2013


The boys haven't even had a chance to get over their croup/RSV virus & we've ALL caught a stomach virus :( Fortunately only 2 of us are vomiting (so far) & the doctor has called in zofran to help with that.

Bless our pediatrician, she is so sweet & patient with us but also so understanding when it comes to having 3 sick kids.

I'm over this flu season already & I'm not even sure it has officially started yet? September???

That's all, I've got to get back to washing puke & diarrhea covered everything...


  1. next up. hand foot and mouth. yip. it always runs in three's.
    and I'm sorry.

    1. They've already had hand foot & mouth & I was told they shouldn't catch it again... Ever! It was horrible enough on its own, if it happens again I may just run away from home!!!



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