Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finally... Speech Therapy

The boys finally started speech therapy Yesterday. What a long process that was! It took 4 months from the time the pediatrician referred them & they got their evaluations until they actually started.

I'm just happy it has started & look forward to the progress it brings. Caden & Kellan have started talking more, still not where they should be but more so then they were. Even Garren is talking more than he was but he didn't qualify for therapy.

The therapist, whom we will refer to as Miss A came for the first time yesterday. I wasn't really sure what to expect of therapy or how the boys would react to her since Caden & Kellan are both pretty shy. Surprisingly Caden took right to her & played right off the bat. She brought a shape sorter out first & they played with the shapes, naming the colors & shapes & placing then in their slots. Kellan wasn't feeling well & just wanted me to hold him. Garren of course was right in the middle of it all! :)
After the shapes she sat on the floor & brought out some flash cards. The cards had objects & animals on them, she would ask things like what it was, what sound it made, what color it was & what it felt like. Kellan again wasn't of interested until the end but Caden & Garren played along well. Lastly she brought out some bubbles & suddenly Kellan came to life! All 3 of the boys LOVE bubbles! They say "bubbles," they sign bubbles, they love blowing bubbles, popping bubbles & chasing bubbles!!! Miss A was finally able to get Kellan talking. By the time she was done all 3 were saying "more," "bubbles," & "please." They didn't say all of it together but would say &/or sign 2 of them together sometimes.

Miss A was also good with telling the boys "no" or to "wait" & "that's not yours," "that is Miss A's," & she also had them helping her "clean up." The boys listened & followed her instructions really well. I was quite happy with that & hope to be able to get them all to start helping put things away when they are done & to leave certain things alone even when it is at their level.

Miss A will be visiting us twice a week which I hope means we will see improvement really fast!

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