Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Being a family of a FedEx manager, holidays can be a little challenging. Donna can not leave work on Christmas Eve until ALL packages have been delivered. In past years she has worked late into the night. One Christmas she even worked on Christmas day.

from Caden, Garren & Kellan

This year we planned to go to FL to spend Christmas with my Donna's parents & my dad & bonus mom. The plan was to leave as soon as she finished at work Christmas Eve or if it got too late for the boys we would leave first thing Christmas morning.

The day before Christmas Eve we went to pick up the boys Christmas gift from another triplet family. The boys got to play on it all day Christmas Eve before we left for FL.

 Kellan, Caden & Garren
 Caden spent that first day sliding down the ladder side, lol...
Garren shooting hoops :o)

My mom & bonus dad were heading to my sister's Christmas Eve day & stopped by for a visit with the boys & I on their way. It was great to see them & as always I love watching the boys interact with their grandparents.

Nana & Kellan

Caden & Garren opening gifts 

 Caden & Papa
Garren loving on Annie

Donna actually got done at a decent hour & we were on the road by 7pm. We got to my dads about 10:30 where the boys met one of their Great Aunts, Onalee, for the first time. We all visited late into the night & then tried to convince the boys to go back to sleep so Santa could come...

One of the gifts in their stockings were these cozy head rests, they slept great on the ride with them :D

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  1. This is so sweet! Your boys are all three are so cute! I'm glad they had a good Christmas, that toy looks like awesome fun! On a sidenote, I have never thought to call my parents' second spouses "Bonus" parents. That's an awesome way to look at it. I think I may steal that phrase from you!



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