Monday, December 3, 2012

First Christmas Party!!!

Last year we were not able to attend any Christmas parties, which had me really bummed! I wanted to show the boys off & of course I wanted them to experience EVERYTHING Christmas for their first Christmas. Unfortunately Christmas falls smack in the middle of RSV (& cold/flu) season so we had to play it safe. They also had on & off colds all Fall & we didn't want to spread their germs to any other babies.

Well this past Saturday was my sister, Autumn, & her family's annual Christmas party, so the boys have now attended their first Christmas party :)
We all had a great time, the boys played with all of the other kids & Donna & I had  enjoyed some great food, company & we scored a nice wax warmer smelly thing in the white elephant gift exchange :)

{{photos courtesy of my sister}}

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