Friday, December 28, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa Tilyou

We had planned to spend the first few days of our Christmas Vacation at Donna's parents but the boys did not sleep well Christmas Eve after the drive. Actually Caden would not sleep unless I was in their room with them, so we thought we'd give them another night at my parents before packing up everything & heading to the Tilyou's (an hour & a half away.) Well Caden was clingy the next night too so we decided we would just drive over every other day or so to spend the day with them that way the boys didn't keep them up at night & hopefully settled in a little better and let us all rest at my parents.

We all had a good visit & the boys love to run around Grandma & Grandpa's yard!!!

 Caden & Grandpa
 Garren, Kellan & Caden

Haddie & Eason also really enjoy running in the yard, chasing a ball or frisbee. Unfortunately this was probably the last time Haddie will get to play chase :( As a puppy she ruptured the ligament in her right hind knee requiring very expensive surgery. On this visit she "tore" the ligament in her left knee. We took her to the vet we used when we lived in FL, thankfully she doesn't need surgery & it should heal on it's own with limited activity for the next 8 weeks. Since it has now happened in both of her hind knees & we already know she has arthritis in the right knee, we will have to keep her running to a minimum & catch is out of the picture now for her. She has also had to go on a low calorie food to help control her weight with less activity. Garren is absolutely no help in this department since he shares everything he eats with her!

Pregnancy pillows make good dog beds too :)

Another unfortunate part of Haddie's injury is that the day we spent at the vet with her was the day we were suppose to go see my friend Jennifer & the boys' triplet bff's & their big sister :( Once again our plans had to be canceled but I am confident we will see them on our next trip down!!!

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