Friday, December 21, 2012

sicklies :(

Well I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!!! In actuality I wrote this whole post over the weekend only to find that my iPad was offline when I hit publish & the whole thing was gone. I was too tired & frustrated to write it again then, but here it goes now...
Long story short, the boys woke up on a Tuesday/Wednesday with runny noses. By friday they had coughs that I really wasn't crazy about so off to the doctor we went. Turned out that Garren had an ear infection & that Caden & Kellan were both doing some wheezing. Garren got off easy with an antibiotic, Caden & Kellan on the other hand had to have breathing treatments (new thing for us) in the office & then came home with perscriptions for steroids & inhalers to continue breathing treatments for the next few days.
 C, K, G the first day of everyone not feeling so well. Cusions & comfy blankets on the floor make for fun relaxing.
By mid week, the boys started eating like themselves again so I though we were heading in the right direction, 2 days later they were all worse.
Caden was a trooper getting his in office breathing treatment.
Kellan took it like a champ too.
We headed back to the doctor & found out Garrens ear had gotten worse & that all 3 now had sinus infections. The wheezing was gone though, Thank goodness!!! So we got 3 new prescriptions for a stronger antibiotic, instructions to use Benedryl (for the first time ever!) A week later everyone seems to finally be feeling better, whew!!!
And this is what it takes to cure 3 boys of the worst virus/wheezing/ear infection/sinus infections ever...
This is what we started with minus the allergy med; vitamins, vapor rub, ibuprofen, nose drops, suction & temp checks with every diaper change...
Eight prescriptions total; 2 were steriods for Caden & Kellans breathing, 1 was Garrens first antibiotic.
3 were new stronger antibiotics for all 3 of the boys.
And 2 were Caden & Kellans inhalers.
We hope you ALL are healthy & happy this Holiday Season!!!

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