Saturday, December 22, 2012

Minimalist Christmas Decor...

So, since I'm pretty much a single parent the last couple weeks (definitely the last week) leading up to Christmas & I have 3 toddlers that like to touch, feel, & grab EVERYTHING!!! I decided to limit our Christmas decorations & not have to fight 3 kids non stop over decorations they aren't allowed to pull on.

There is also the time factor, the boys only take one nap during the day now & 2 hours is just not enough time to drag everything out, get it up & get rid of the mess. And honestly, there was no way I was doing it at night after the boys went to bed. By 7:30 all I want to do is sit down.

So we have a "tree" the boys can play with, (until they tear it off the wall) garland in high places & stockings also hung high...

 Have to love Pinterest for the felt tree idea!
The boys really loved rearranging the "ornamants"

 But it never takes more than 30 minutes for one of them to grab the tape & rip it down, lol...
I just LOVE these stockings!!!
I really need to order some for Donna & I.
We hope you are enjoying the Season!!!


  1. I LOVE the felt tree!! What did you use to stick the ornaments?

    1. The ornaments are felt too & felt sticks to felt, nothing extra required :o)

  2. I saw the tree on Pinterest too-ill probably do that for baby next year! We're minimalist around here too this year. Baby due in a month and getting all that ready...last thing I want to do is add more stuff to our house ;)

  3. That is the best idea EVER ! Love that you did this.
    and agreed cutest stockings.

  4. The felt tree is an awesome idea! When Peyton can actually walk around and such, I might have to do this!

  5. I love the tree, what a great idea for youngsters!

  6. I LOVE the felt tree, what a great idea! With all the time I spent running interference between Grace and our Christmas tree... I may need to do this next year. ;)

    Happy New Year!



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