Saturday, December 29, 2012

20 Months!!!

It is really REALLY hard to believe that in just 4 short months the boys will be TWO!!!

This last month has been another huge month in communication skills!!! All 3 of the boys are still repeating just about everything we say, even Caden who has always had very little to say is chatting up a storm. The boys are also picking up more signs & using them in multiple situations. Until recently most signs have been meal oriented, as far as eating, drinking, wanting more or being done.

Garren is getting more specific with his "more" sign. He usually wants more crackers, which he now signs cracker, or more mama, which can be confused with more food if he uses his fingers to sign mama instead of his thumb. Garren also signs all done when One of us flushes the toilet, lol...

Kellan has picked up several random signs which he signs when you say the word, for example hot & go. It's really random.

As fuzzy as it is, I LOVE this pic of Caden

Caden isn't using any more signs but is really starting to chat & mimic more. He says Haddie very clearly & he has been saying a lot of other random words too.

They don't do much without making a whole lot of noise. They are all babbles, random words, squeals & laughter. They still love to dance & have learned to jump just this week.
The boys have started blowing kisses, waving bye bye & covering their eyes with their hands & saying "BOO." They mimic characters on tv & say "oh tootles" when Mickey needs a tool on Mickey's Clubhouse.

Caden, Kellan & Garren

The boys have reached the temper tantrum stage. I thought for a moment the terrible twos started at the months starting with 2 and not the actual age of 2 but they aren't completely terrible quite yet just having a hard time expressing their selves.

When Garren is mad he throws things or knocks stuff over, easily corrected with a seat in the naughty chair, aka time out.

Kellan falls on the floor, arches his back & cries a loud horrible cry when he is upset, we usually let him work it out on his own unless it is because he is someplace new. For some reason he does this when we go someplace different or someplace he hasn't been in a while. We do try to comfort him & let him know we are right there with him & not leaving. He usually gets over it quickly.

Caden does something slightly disturbing, he bangs his own head when he's mad. Sometimes it's on the floor or wall but he has even banged his head on my leg or his brothers. He has also had a bit of a biting problem. We ignore the head banging & let him work out his frustration on his own. I immediately correct him when he bites or attempts to bite. This is more of a problem when he is
having teething pain & can usually be alleviated with ibuprofen.

Caden, Garren & Kellan in swanky new pj's from Nana & Papa

Overall they really are good boys & we are still having a blast with them every single day!!!

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  1. Love the sign language! I did it with the girls I nannied and my roommate's son, so excited to teach our little girl, too!



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