Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dog Park Fun!!!

I've been on the lookout for a park that is fenced & that I can keep an eye on all 3 boys running around when I'm by myself. Playgrounds really haven't fit the bill & then it hit me last week... The dog park! The boys & the dogs could run around & none of them could escape!

 All 3 boys exploring
 Caden & Garren
 Garren & Kellan
 Haddie Mae
 Pup pups
Kellan & Eason

 Always checking in with the Choo Choo
Caden, ready for a bath as soon as we get home!!!
Everyone had a good time exploring, Kellan loves to dig in the dirt & eat acorns. Garren loves to pick up & throw anything & Caden enjoyed chewing on a couple sticks & some rocks. Haddie loved chasing whatever Garren threw for her & Eason got in some good herding time.
I loved letting them run & not having to chase them. :)


  1. what a great idea (well, provided no strange dogs come haha!)

    1. Thanks!!! The park is sectioned of into dif. areas so if someone did show up & came into the area we were in I could always move :) There really isn't much traffic there on weekdays

  2. Can't wait to take our little girl to the dog park with us. The one near us has a 1/4 mile walking path and we just keep walking circles while the pup runs around. Great idea!



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