Friday, December 14, 2012


I've been a bit of a slacker in allowing the boys to attempt to spoon feed themselves. If I give them something that will most likely cause a mess, I just feed them myself. I have realized recently that I need to let them try & go ahead & make a mess in order for them to learn to do it without making a mess eventually...

The boys eat great with a fork. The do ok with plates & bowls, I usually have to stand guard to stop plates from being flipped or tossed. If I can keep Garren from doing it then the other 2 are usually alright. So spoons are what we are working on now which means more messes for me to clean but if I work it out just right, I save the "messy food" for afternoon snack time & everyone gets a bath afterwards. It still leaves me 3 chairs & trays to clean but that is just life with triplets, lol...

Here is our first go at yogurt...

 Garren says "mmm mmm MM!" with each bite


  1. I swear, these boys are so cute! I'm glad they are working on their eating. I have not yet relinquished my control on the spoon to Peyton yet!!

  2. We should try this. I've never risked giving them the bowl :)

  3. Messes aren't fun to clean up, but I'm sure they love making them!



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