Monday, December 24, 2012

New Friends

I met another triplet mom online a few weeks ago that lives pretty close by. She & her husband also have all boys. Their boys are 10 months older than ours. We tried planning to get together several times, but our boys or her boys kept catching colds or other plans got in the way. Well the weekend before Christmas it finally happened, we got together at their house & ALL the boys played! They got along pretty well, there was the initial shy phase for a couple of them & of course the sharing issue that is always at hand with multiples even among brothers but I think they will all make great friends!!!

Randee & her husband were super sweet too & we really enjoyed chatting with while them while the boys played.


  1. Oh my-so many boys! :) Looks like a fun time!

  2. Oh, is that Randee Duncan? She and I are facebook friends. :) I love her!

    1. It is!!! What's not to love?!? She is super sweet!!!



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