Monday, March 14, 2011


Everything checked out GREAT at the doctors today!!! My blood pressure was down to 126/64, it hasn't been that low since I was 12 or 14 weeks pregnant :) There was no protein in my urine today or the 24 hour sample I collected, FUN!!! And my bloodwork came back good, the only exception was I have low iron, which the doctor said happens with most pregnancies. So, no pre-eclampsia & no stay at the hospital!!! YAY!!!

Thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers.

They did a heat rate check on the boys again today too, they were all good, 150, 154, & 171. The high one makes Donna very nervous, but the doctor said he's active and it's normal for it to go up when they are moving around. It's just never been that high, so it's making her nervous. The babies have also decided to all take a transverse position, they were all either breech or head down, now they are sideways accross my belly & crammed together, the tech couldn't even tell which one was which. No wonder my ribs hurt :)

My belly measures 30 weeks & the doctor was very pleased with that :)

So thats all good news for once! We go again friday for a growth scan on the boys and hopefully that high heart rate is lower so Donna can relax a little :) I will post again then...


  1. Reassure my baby that heart rate is normal, dont lose your cool yet, that comes when there all here. LOL LOV YA

  2. Yea!!!!! I'm so glad your blood pressure is back to normal! Keep resting and Donna that it is a very healthy heartbeat especially if he is wiggling around in there!

  3. Great news!!!

    I tried to add your blog to my list but it's not working?!?

    I wonder if it's because it is private?

    I will try again on my laptop...maybe it's this iPad....or user error...which would be me! I'm not very good at this kind of stuff.

  4. Good news! You're doing a great job with those boys. You girls hang in there. The fun has only just begun.

  5. That is great news I am so glad.

    Hey here is a question for you, do you know if you are going to have a diaper preference? I was in Sam's the other day and they had diapers on special, I thought I might start buying you a pack a week or so but didn't know if you had a preference.

  6. Karin ~ We do not have a diaper preference, we are actually going to cloth diaper at home, but we are collecting disposables too, especially preemie & newborn sizes. My sister hasn't had much luck with Hugs, my nephew seems to blow them out. I'm sure it will be trial & error in the beginning :)

  7. Yeah, I saw that you were looking at cloth diapers. I think you are nuts. My sister used cloth diapers at home for my niece when my nephew came along she changed to disposables. But I guess figuring the cost of 3 in diapers, cloth is a better options.

  8. Karin, they have "modern" cloth diapers now, not the old fashioned with pins and plastic pants. These are just like a disposables but you can throw them in the wash :) They are expensive up front, but we will save a ton of cash in the long run!!!



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