Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cervix Check (again)

Well my cervix looked great yesterday! The boys all had great heartrates too. However, I mentioned to the doctor that my feet and hands have been swelling and that sparked a series of tests... First they took my blood pressure, it was 146/86... not good. Then they did a urinalysis & found a trace of protein... not good either :( Then they sent me for bloodwork and I have to collect my urine for 24 hours & go back on Monday for the results. They are checking for preeclampsia. If I have it, I will have to go into the hospital.
I will post again Monday after my doctors appt.


  1. Yikes! I a sorry, I was hoping that this part would be smooth sailing.

  2. Oh No! I'm saying a prayer that things come out ok. Meantime stay off your feet. Rest, Relax and take care of yourself.
    We luv ya.
    Aunt Ro and Aunt Pat

  3. Ugggghhhhh......yuck! I had that with Jackson so I know what you are going through. Do absolutely nothing but lay in bed or on the couch with your feet up and drink lots and lots of water!!!!

  4. why cant they treat you at home??? Worried you wouldn't mind your manners??
    Take care and be good to yourssssssself

  5. Keeping fingers crossed for you! xxoo

  6. Only positive thoughts coming your way.....xoxo



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