Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Mothers of Multiples Gathering

Last night Donna & I attended our first Mothers of Multiples gathering & we had a blast!!! I didn't mention before that when I was in the hospital, I met a woman who had had quintuplets there 6 years ago. She is a member of this group and invited us to come to this months meeting. It also turns out that she & I are from the same city, Bradenton, and attended the same high school a couple years apart. Small world huh...
We met some really great and FUN women last night and are looking forward to being apart of the group ourselves. It was nice to meet people who have been where we are and can give us some insight into the world we are about to encounter, lol.

I also had a doctors appointment yesterday, just a check up for me. Everything went well, blood pressure is still good & no protein, which means no pre-eclampsia!!! We listened to each of the babies heartbeats on a doppler and my belly measures 33 weeks (I am currently 25, ha!) We also went over my blood sugar and eating habits. My mealtime sugar levels have been good with the insulin, my fasting levels are still high so she upped my dose a little. I told her I was still having a really hard time not eating for 2 hours at a time and it was making me sick, so she told me to just check my sugar after an hour if I needed to eat again and that I should not let myself get sick or go without eating when my body says to eat.
I love my Midwife!!!

The meeting was a lovely ending to a long weekend for Donna & I. We didn't go anywhere, but did a lot right here around town. It was kind of a drearing weekend, so we shopped for the boys, found a new salon,  had portraits done, and just spent time together. Boy am I worn out now. Donna said last night she was contemplating taking today off. I told her she had to go back to work so I could rest, lol. I'm cleaning up the apartment a little today, then I'm putting my feet up until Friday, when I go back to the doctor for an ultrasound.


  1. I'm glad your reaching out, it's a good thing and helps keep things in perspective. Keep up the good work, rest, rest

  2. Wow...what a coincidence!

    Anyone I might know??



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