Friday, March 18, 2011

Went In For 1 Problem, Came Out With 2...

I am home!!! YAY!!!

I don't have pre-eclampsia as of now :) My blood pressure has leveled out in the 120's over 60-70, of course that was on hospital bedrest, but it lets us know it can be controled. The protein in my urine turned out to be a UTI. They found the UTI the first night I was in the hospital, but had to be sure the protein was from that and not Pre-eclampsia, so we had to wait on cultures. My bloodwork all still checks out good with the exception of the low iron, but I've started taking iron for that.

In the meantime while I was in the hospital they ran several other tests that are routine in pregnancy including a glucose test. I "passed" all but the glucose test :( So now I have gestational diabetes & have to check my blood sugar 5 times a day. I'd rather give myself shots than prick my finger!!! Right now they are just monitoring it. It is very confusing for me because they want me to take my blood sugar 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, & dinner... That would be great if I wasn't eating for 4 and constantly eating... I'm not suppose to eat for those 2 hours either, which is going to be really hard for me because I don't have the room in my belly for a big meal so I eat lots of small meals & snacks. Anyways... I go to the doctor today, so maybe they can help me make sense of it, the "diabetic educator" didn't really seem to understand my circumstances, she didn't even know I was having triplets until I told her :|

So that's it, I went in for pre-eclampsia & came out with a UTI & gestational diabetes.

I'll post again later today or tomorrow about todays ultrasound and doctors visit. I can't wait to see how much the boys have grown :)


  1. I am so glad your home I know how it is to go in the hospital for one thing and then they end up finding more issues. And I am glad the boys are safe!

  2. As I have said, you really have to figure out how do things the easy way. Quit taking the hard

    Love you girl, take care and let us know how everyone is doing. Can't wait to see how much the boys have grown.

  3. I'm glad your fairly okay, Being a gestational diabetic aint goood, BUT solvable, Now you know how I feel with a lap band no room in the inn. Just behave yourself IF you can and ask questions about your eating habits of late.

  4. Thank you all for your thoughts!!!

    Karin, believe me I am trying to find the easy road, but I don't think there is one when you're carrying high order multiples. My doctor says the things I'm going through, he sees with every mother carring more than 2 babies and he even sees a lot of twin moms with these side effects too, I guess that is the definition of "high risk"

    Aunt Onalee, I went over my diet with a diabetic educator, it's not my eating habits that caused this, its that the boys require more insulin than I can produce. I do have to alter the way I eat to accomodate them, but I haven't been eating a bunch of sweets or junk , I have too much heartburn and nausea for that. We will get it figured out, I just hope they don't want me to eat a bunch of meat because it is repulsive right now!!!

  5. As a diabetic my best advice is to watch what you eat. Try to limit on rice and pastas and breads.... if you can keep it under control hopefully. Veggies are your friend!!!

    Love you and and very glad that the "bad news" isnt as bad as it could of been!! xxoo



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