Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hospital Update

I am still here, and not that thrilled about it!!!
Late the first night I got moved out of Labor & Delivery into Antepartum (no more screaming women.) They had me up taking vitals, listening to the babies and examining me until 1:30 in the morning, nothing like a pelvic exam at midnight! They finally gave me ambien to help me sleep, but woke me up at 5 to take a glucose test, which I only passed by one number, so I have to take the long test again in the morning,ugh...
So yesterday I was tired and miserable and to make it all worse Eason is sick, Donna woke up to him having uncontrolable bloody diarhea all over the apartment. Donna of course took care of all that and got him to the vet, but now my emotions have the better of me and I'm even more miserable. He ended up having gastroenteritis, which the vet said could be nerves or he could have eaten something, he ended up spending the night at the vet.
I spent the day trying to sleep, which never happened, having my vitals taken every 2 hours, listening to the babies every few hours, and waiting... My doctor fianlly came in and explained that all my other symptoms, blood pressure, bloodwork, vitals and whatnot are good. I have protein in my urine and I now have a UTI, so they are trying to figure out if the protein is from the UTI or pre-eclampsia? They are waiting for urine cultures to come back to figure that out, meanwhile I have to stay until they do :(
At first I thought I might enjoy a couple days relaxing here, but there is nothing relaxing about it! Last night I asked for the ambien early thinking I could get more sleep, they brought it to me about 9:30 :) At 10:30 they came in to put in an IV, the dr wanted to start fluids at midnight, WTH?! So then at midnight they came back to hang fluids, you'd think they could do it without waking me?!?! Then of course she had to take my vitals... Finally a few hours of sleep and it felt wonderful... Until 4:30am, it was time for another glucose test, but first she had to take my vitals & draw blood... 5am sharp I drank a cup full of what I think was syrup and for the next 3 hours on the hour they drew blood, I tried to sleep in between, but at 8 the nurse wanted to listen to the babies and I don't know anyone that could go back to sleep after having ice cold gel squirted all over their belly, plus that woke the babies and they gave the nurse a run for her money trying to locate and confirm 3 different heartbeats, lol.
The boys are all doing great, they are very active and all have good heart rates.
I'm just sitting here waiting for the doctor and hopfully my urine culture results along with my glucose results, praying both are fine and I can go home today.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!!

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  1. Awww I hope you get to go home soon! It really sucks being in the hospital and like impossible to be comfortable! Eason probably misses you when you get home I hope everything gets better! You just need rest,rest,rest and food of course! :)



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