Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Couple Of Pups Feeling Left Out

So Haddie & Eason have not been mentioned on our blog & are feeling a bit left out, so here are a couple of photos of them and their contributions to the triplets...

Haddie & Eason

My sister sent up this bouncer with my
mom, Haddie sniffed it over & under
looking for Chandler, when she couldn't
find him she got in it, like she could
find him better that way, lol...

Taking a snooze on my body pillow


  1. Ha ha I love it!! Haddie is just making sure everything is safe and nice and warm for when the boys get here :)

  2. Haddie is obsessed with babies, I think she could smell my nephew on the bouncer and was like where is he, she kept an eye on it for a couple days before giving in to the fact that he didn't come with it :) I can't wait to see her with 3 babies...

  3. Awww they will be like their babies also :) Ohh and by the way Luisa was in today and was asking about you and asked for me to tell you hello and she has been thinking of you.

  4. Just dont forget when the boys get here to give the poopies attention toooooooooo

  5. Well Haddie does know she is the princess and now she has her throne!

  6. They're so cute. How old is Eason now? He's grown since those little pup pics :)

  7. Eason will be 18 months, He sure has grown, he out-weighs Haddie by 12 pounds :)

  8. They are just test driving all the baby equipment for you! I am so happy for you both and know these will be lucky boys to have 2 loving Moms.



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