Friday, February 25, 2011

Cervix Check...

We went this morning to have my cervix checked again and to see the OB.

The boys all looked good, they just checked their heartrates which were all good :)
All of them were head down, Baby B has his butt in my ribs & kicks every so often, so that is a nice JAB! Baby A was posing really well, so we got a few nice profile pics of him & a 4D sneak peak at his face. He is so cute! We think he looks a lot like his cousin Chandler, at least the shape of his head does :) Baby B & Baby C didn't want their pictures taken so we didn't get any of them & we didn't get these pics on a disk either, so I won't be able to share them on here, but we go again next week for the boys check up & we should get lots of new pics then.

My cervix is the same, which is good! It hasn't shortened anymore and there is no "funneling" anymore. They will check it again next week just to be sure.

Everything else checked out good too. My blood pressure is staying where it has been at, so they are not so worried about that right now.

The midwife measured my belly again, LOL... it measured at 27 weeks (I am 20 weeks & change) She also said that the back pain I am experiencing is my ribs expanding & that 4 - 5 hours of sleep a night was really good for someone carrying triplets... WHAT!?!? I really need my sleep right now!!! I know it's just a few months away that I won't be sleeping at all.

Well that's it for now... it's nap time for me :)


  1. Even with one you can't sleep. I think it's a cruel joke. You should be able to sleep best now since in 16-ish weeks you won't be sleeping at all. Instead your body starts keeping it from you now. Not fair at all!

  2. I'm glad with your results you just posted, see GOD is good.

  3. Thanks for all the updates. Glad to hear you and the boys are doing good. Look forward to more pics and updates.
    Luv Ya all
    Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro



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