Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yard Sellin'

It's been since I was a teenager that I've had a yard sale, until this past Saturday that was.

Our closets have been over crowded since we moved in here & the boys closet was impossible to walk into without moving or taking something out first. The online triplet sale pages just weren't cutting it anymore! 

Since my sister moved recently & is having a baby girl & not another boy, she had some decluttering to do too. So I loaded up all our stuff & hauled it down to Jacksonville Saturday for a good ol' family yard sale.

The sellin' was good, I had to convince myself this was not about making a bunch of money but about getting rid of a bunch of stuff! The money of course wouldn't hurt since my children continue to grow like weeds & need a Fall/Winter wardrobe. To my surprise people wanted to buy clothes by the box full, which was good by me! :)

This is all I had left after the sale :)
I should have taken a picture of the van loaded to the gills!

It was a fun morning with just my sister & I. Donna & the boys stayed home since the boys weren't 100% yet from their initial virus & my brother in law took my nephew to a neighborhood carnival. It was just the break I need for what would come that very evening... A stomach virus :(


  1. It's always the things that you don't think will sell that sells at a yard sale. Since having kids we've had 3 or 4. Our last one was a month ago. Whatever we don't sell we either donate or sell it on KSL (similar to craigslist). I LOVE cleaning shit out. Doesn't it feel so nice to make room :)
    Making room for more stuff. (sigh)

    1. I will continue to have them! The older the boys get the less we dress them alike (except for t-shirts when we are in crowded places) I like to sell matching sets to other triplet moms but I sure loved getting rid of so much stuff at once & not having o bother with packing & shipping :)

  2. Since being laid off I've taken 8 garbage bags full of stuff to Goodwill. Now that I think about it, I probably should have had a yard sale too! That's awesome that you sold a whole van full of stuff. I'm sure you're loving the space it's created.

    1. I am loving the space although we will just be filling it up with new cool weather clothes soon :)



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