Thursday, November 29, 2012

19 Months Old

Wow, This past month really has been a whirlwind!!! Two trips to the parents in FL & a holiday has really caused us to lose track of time.

I don't know if it was all the extra interaction with family or what but the boys have really blossomed this past month verbally. They try to repeat just about everything we say & even though Caden still says the least he is talking a lot more.

The boys are also verbally identifying things like bananas, dogs & balls. They also lay down & stick their feet up in the air at the sight of socks, it's just become cool enough here to start wearing socks around the house again, so they may have done it at an earlier age but we're not big socks in the summer people ;)

 Garren looking adorable in his jeans & flannel shirt
He's destine to have a mohawk!

Garren has started singing. He doesn't say the actual words but he uses his own & you can usually make out what song it is. He likes "If You're Happy & You Know It" and he claps when we sing it or when he sings it. He's so funny!

Kellan struttin' his stuff!!!

Kellan cracks himself up a good part of the time. He walks around swinging his arm & just starts cracking up laughing when you look at him. He leans forward & slaps his leg like he just can't contain himself. Another one that is just too funny!

After falling twice this particular morning, Caden planted himself on the couch & just stared at the tv.

Caden has been a bit more serious lately. He's talking up a storm & still loves to chase his brothers & laugh but he also spends some time sitting on the couch with his arm up & his legs crossed looking like he is in deep thought, usually he's just watch Mickey's Clubhouse though :)

All 3 of the boys are super lovable. They love to sit & snuggle or give hugs & kisses. Kellan is usually the one to try & hug his brothers but Garren has been the one more recently laying on his brothers or trying to get a hug or snuggle in. There's nothing sweeter than seeing them love each other, or comfort each other.

So happy I get to be home experiencing this everyday!!!

Each of the boys has such a distinct personality & they are becoming the most fun & comical little people. I'm really enjoying this time with them.

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