Friday, December 30, 2011

Lima Beans = Gas...

The initial reactions to the taste of lima beans was funny. Kellan, who always eats everything no matter what, did just that with the lima beans. Garren, who is never too sure about tasting something new, gave me the gag face & even tried to get it out of his mouth, lol. Caden, who also eats everything with little opinion on the matter, ate the lima beans as if he had been eating them all along.
After I thinned them out a little more Garren warmed up to them & all the boys seemed to enjoy their new veggie :)

Caden was trying to lick the lima beans off his chin, lol...
After 2 days of having lima beans for dinner & the boys waking throughout the night with gas, we have decided to end the 4 day trial early, introduce a new fruit during breakfast & just have veggies the boys have already had for a few days.

On another note... I started this blog a year ago today so that our friends and family could follow our progress as we were expecting our triplets. It's hard to believe that one year later I'm blogging about our boys eating lima beans. :o) Time flies when you're having fun!!!


  1. Hey cuz!! I'm so happy for you!! Their faces are priceless!!

  2. I love seeing the different reactions between our twins to new foods. It must be so much fun to see 3 different reactions! Quinn is a lot like Kellan and Caden. She will eat everything. We can't feed her fast enough! Are you sticking with fruits and veggies right now or have you tried anything else?

  3. I honestly can't even remember how I found your blog, but I sure am glad I did! You have the cutest babies!! I love seeing their reactions to different foods :-)
    An avid reader in Utah - Julie

  4. Thank you Kay :)

    Ashleigh, I am sticking to fruits & veggies for now. I am following the pediatricians lead for the most part, just the timing thing, our boys seemed to progress a little faster than she had said but that has been the case since they were born :o) I have also started them on a third meal of solids, they weren't making it from their 12 o'clock bottle to their 3 o'clock anymore so I am giving them a small serving of veggies after their noon bottle. We will revisit the diet at our 9 month appointment. I also think with the 12 o'clock veggie I may try "baby lead weaning" There is a baby food recipe blog I have been reading & they talked about it with a lot of detail & since they have a couple teeth now, I think they should be able to try them out :D

    Julie, Thank you so much!!! I am glad you enjoy the blog & LOVE having you along for our adventure :o)



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