Monday, December 26, 2011

Our First Christmas with Babies

We had so much fun with the boys on their first Christmas!!! I feel so fortunate that Donna's parents were able to make the trip from Florida to spend Christmas with us. Santa was great to everyone & these baby boys are very loved by many many friends & family!!!

Donna's Mom & Dad

We started the day pretty routine... wake, change & feed the boys. Walk the dogs & eat breakfast.
Then we all opened gifts. The boys sort of participated in opening gifts, they have reached the stage of grabbing everything, so with a little assistance they pulled off paper & proceeded to put it in their mouths, lol. The boys got a few toys, books & stuffed animals (did you know Mickey Mouse plays football & for the Bucs?!) They also got some really cool TAMPA BAY BUCCANEER outfits & a TON of clothes!!! Which is something they always need. They got some $$$ from Nana & Papa (Whidden), with which they will get a portable dvd player for their next long trip to FL and some more $$$ from one of their Great Aunts, their cousin, & from their Great Great Aunt. So much love I tell you!!!

Kellan trying to open a present


Caden waiting patiently

 Looks like Caden loves football already & Haddie too

Books from Grandma & Grandpa

Garren's got the right idea!!!

A "Crawl Ball"

Mickey in his Bucs jersey & a Bucs blanket :o)

 Donna was not please with this gift 
but this Mommy is!!!

Lots of clothes from Aunt Pat & Aunt Ro

 Their first sets of 2 piece pj's, 
I can't wait for the boys to wear them!!!

We also had a great dinner. Donna's mom makes an awesome turkey!!! Having her parents here for a few days has made me really REALLY homesick. I miss all of our family & friends, being this far away during holidays just seems to emphasize the distance. 
Thankfully my dad, "bonus"mom, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, "bonus"sister & her family will all be up in a couple weeks to celebrate a belated Christmas with my other "bonus"sister & her family, Donna and I and the boys. I may bum a ride home for a couple weeks with one of them, think they'll have room for 4 more, haha :o)


  1. Glad you like the bucs stuff! Sorry Donna. My husband is a Giants fan so he feels your pain. Lol. The boys look like they had a great 1st Christmas!

  2. Wow is it cold up here tonight. We built a fire using all the Buccaneers stuff the boys got for Christmas! What a great fire starter, now I know what to use in the future!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. DOn't worry, I have PLENTY of reserves for when you'll live in FL and don't need a fireplace!!! Your boys and Jack will be the biggest BUCS fans ever. I think for their birthday, I will get a decal of that kid peeing on the Cowboys emblem for Spring to put on their stroller ;)



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