Monday, July 22, 2013

Hearing Screen

Today we took the boys for their hearing tests. The ones we scheduled because of the developmental evaluator who said they failed her test.

Well... each of the boys failed in their left ears. The doctor felt it could have been from the excessive wax they have in heir ears, so she cleaned them out & they re-tested them. Caden passed but Kellan & Garren still failed. While removing the wax from their ears the doctor noticed they had really small canals. She said that combined with the wax could be what was causing them to not pass the exam. So the plan it to try to dissolve & eliminate the wax with peroxide, a few drops each day for a week rinsed with water should get it all out & hopefully then they will pass the test. 


The wax causes the probe to not be able to set in the ear properly & therefore not be able to read the sound waves. Before the boys are referred to an audiologist we want to make sure it's not just a bad test result from excessive wax.


Talking about the boys having wax in their ears makes me feel like they sound dirty. They have always had excessively waxy ears. No matter how much we clean them, they always seem to have wax draining from their ears. The boys' pediatrician in NC told me it was normal, some people just have more wax than others & that it was better to have excessive wax than have no wax :)

Garren, over it & ready to go!

So hopefully next week they pass with flying colors & this will be behind us!

Tomorrow we meet with the coordinator from Babies Can't Wait, ie Early Intervention, to set up the boys therapy schedule & get that going. I'm so excited for Caden & Kellan to start communicating better!!! :)


  1. My naturopathic doc said that excessive ear wax is a sign of an essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency. At about 1 year, I started giving the girls an Omega-3 supplement. Currently, I'm giving them this one:
    You can give them an adult formula at a reduced dose (which I have done).
    The girls apparently have very clean ears!

  2. I'm going to look into Ashleigh's comment. My Cameron has had the WAXIEST EARS EVER ! and it's not just clear ear wax it's brown and black. Once I thought his ear drum ruptured. His ped says it's nothing to worry about and it's normal and it's just the way some ears are.
    Good luck on getting those ears clean and the test completed. I'm impressed that the boys are good with you putting peroxide in their ears. The bubbling is obnoxious as all hell :) It's like sticking that Pop candy in your ear ! ha ha

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