Monday, July 29, 2013

A Day In The Life Of 2 Year Old Triplets...

Recently a few of my favorite mom bloggers have written "a day in the life of..." blog posts.

I've done a couple of these posts in the past, when the boys were small & schedule & routine were super important. Our travels, appointments & errands were planned in advance & we pretty much knew what to expect from one day to the next.

Life with triplets is a lot different now! Sometimes moods dictate our days, whether we stay in or go out, sometimes the weather dictates this. These days the boys appetites rule errand running & shopping, mostly because they eat all the fruit or fresh veggies in the house in a matter of 2-3 days. I still try to plan our play dates & doctor appointments but sometimes opportunity arises & we just wing it, sometimes (quite regularly lately) accidents happen & we run for urgent care or the ER.

So I've decided to jump on the bandwagon & post about a day in our lives but since it varies now I'm going to post a series of "A Day In The Life Of 2 Year Old Triplets" posts. I'm going to try to do them once every other week, no promises though. :)

So here's the first in the series...

A Day In The Life Of 2 Year Old Triplets, 2 Years-2 Months-3 weeks

This is last Monday, a doctor's appointments day...

8:20am the boys wake up... (C, K, G)

I give them juice cups & take the dogs out.

After walking the dogs, I put food down for them & offer the boys bananas while their waffles toast.

The boys usually eat on the move in the mornings. (C, G, K)

While the boys eat I get clean diapers out & pick clothes for the day.

As they finish eating I change & dress them one by one. (C)

I stick a signing time DVD in to occupy them for a few minutes while I get ready to go.

Once I'm dressed I put the boy's' shoes on & we are out the door @ 9:40am. (K, C, G)

Check in at the doctors office at 9:55am

The boys are weighed & measured one by one & have hearing tests done.

11:15am we leave the doctors office & head home.

11:30-12 the boys play while I walk the dogs & make sandwiches for lunch. (K)

12pm the boys eat lunch on the move again (sometimes it easier to get them to actually eat by just letting them graze)

12:30 change diapers & get ready for naps

(C & G)
1pm nap time!!! (K)

Today while the boys napped I took the trash out, checked the mail, walked the dogs, payed a bill, folded 3 loads of laundry, talked to my sister on the phone & wrote part of this post. Meanwhile Caden & Garren played in their cribs until 3pm when they finally went to sleep, Kellan slept the whole time they played, lol...

3:45pm Kellan woke up, Garren & Caden woke when I went in to get him :-/

4pm the boys have a snack of raisins & nuts. (C, K, G)

(E & K)
(K & G)
(G & K)
4:10pm, the boys play, watch signing time & play some more... (K)

5pm I think about what to make for dinner but its really too late to figure anything out so I call Donna & put it on her, in the meantime I ask what my friends on facebook are making for dinner.

6pm Donna arrives home with pizza & we eat!

6:20 clean up the boys who are covered in tomato sauce & clear the table.

Play time with Mom Mom (Donna & K)

We decided to try some clothes we got from another triplet mom on the boys, they fit! Hooray, they have sweats for cooler nights up north next month! :) (C & G)

Kellan & Garren are obsessed with Donna's tools & beg to go in our bedroom, more so, the closet where there are a few tools they can get into.

After playing with a tape measure & cordless drill they jump on our bed :)

7:45-ish change the boys & dress them for bed (bath night was last night) (M & G)

8pm bedtime (G, C, K)

I tidy up the kitchen ever so slightly since we had pizza :)
Donna takes a shower & cleans the litter box.

I watch the boys play on the monitor for a few minutes, they crack me up!!!

9pm-ish we lounge on the couch, Donna watching television & myself working on this post :). I'm going to put off uploading photos until tomorrow (or next week as it turned out, lol) though & crochet now :)


  1. My kids still eat on the go. It has never been something that has bothered me....although I know it can be a big pet peeve for other people.
    When you said that you put food down for them I was reminded of doing the same thing. Literally. I'd put a bowl on the floor full of cheerios (or similar) and let them go :) ha ha ha

    Busy busy day. Glad you had a moment to post about it.

  2. Great post. What a busy day (although I'm sure they're all that busy!). I need to do a 'day in the life' post too!



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