Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zoo Day

My parents were in Jacksonville again this past weekend so we decided to meet then & my sister & her family at the zoo Saturday.

 Aunt Autumn with Caden, grandma with Garren & Kellan, & Uncle Steven

It was great to see everyone again, I love how the boys react now when they see their grandparents, it is so heart warming to see their excitement! 

The boys are a pretty fun age for the zoo now. They actually notice the animals now & know enough of them that they yell out what they are & sometimes make their sound too. I was so surprised when Kellan saw an elephant walking by close to the railing & yelled elephant & took off running towards it. Everyone else was inside the reptile exhibit but he wasn't feeling the dark room so we walked ahead, when the others showed up they all loved the elephants too. Garren even did the elephant dance they do in the Barney video, lol...

There were enough adults that the boys got to do quite a bit of walking & exploring. Well until they stopped listening, then they had to ride in the wagon. 

Uncle Steven, Chandler, Caden, Mom Mom, Garren, Kellan & Grandpa

We saw lots of animals, still not all of them but that's why we have an annual pass :)

We had lunch & then headed to the splash pad to let the kids cool off, it was a very humid 90 degree day.

Aunt Autumn, Kellan & Grandma

A storm rolled in after the boys had been playing a while so we decided to get them under some cover.
The zoo has a discovery play room so we headed in there where the boys played quite a bit. After that we got the boys changed back into dry clothes & decided to head home.

The boys sized off in the van but only for a very short time, so when we got home we decided to put them down for a nap & see what happened. (Usually if they fall a sleep in the car they will not take a nap) well it took a little bit but they did go to sleep & we ended up having to wake them for dinner, lol

It was a fun day! I love taking the boys to the zoo & look forward to the day we don't have to leave by 1 or 2 for cranky boys to take a nap :)


  1. Does it sometimes shock you when there are 4 or 5 kids playing at a play area and 3 of them are yours ? :)

    1. YES!!! It sometimes shocks me when I walk in their room in the morning & there are 3 of them, lol...



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