Thursday, July 18, 2013


We have our first official character obsession. I was really hoping for something a little cooler or more fun (for me) like Cars or Finding Nemo but Caden has taken to Thomas the Train.

Grandma gave the boys a Thomas video back at their birthday & it has been nothing but "choo choo choo," "choo choo train," & "cinders & ashes." Caden carries that train around all day long. He eats with it, sleeps with it & plays with it constantly!

First thing in the morning, not even a fresh diaper yet.
Would Thomas like some oatmeal? 

Thomas waiting on lunch...

More playing...
And of course Thomas is going to bed!

Kellan & Garren tolerate his constant need to watch Thomas videos & being pushed away from the train table. They are not as interested as he is but do like to play with the trains from time to time but Caden claims anything with a train on it before they even have a chance to see it, books, blankets, he even hordes the DVD covers, lol... 


  1. :) we went through a train obsession too - try Chuggington - I liked it a lot better then the Thomas shows.

  2. My son loved Thomas the Train before he even knew what the show was. It came in handy when, at 2.5, we bought him Thomas the Train underwear for Christmas.

    "Don't pee pee on Thomas!"

    I was definitely ready to be done washing cloth diapers, and he was ready to be a big boy, and there was much rejoicing.

    At 5, he still loves his trains, and we have a huge set.

    He also likes Chuggington :)

  3. Thanks ladies! The boys have seen chugging ton a time or two but haven't really taken to it. Thomas isn't so bad I guess since they are learning manners & Caden is repeating lots of stuff from the shows which is great for his speech in general :)

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