Monday, July 1, 2013


We finally got our sweet little pussy cat in to see the vet Yesterday. Turns out she is a girl for sure, so Donna wants to spell her name with two e's so it's slightly more feminine :) Murphee is also just 8 weeks old, about a week or so younger than we thought. No wonder she is so tiny!

The vet was very impressed with her! She said her markings are perfect, if she didn't know she was a stray she would have thought she was purebred brown mackerel tabby. She even has the spots on her belly that usually only come with pure breeds. She was also 

She was also surprised at how good her temperament is. She's very loving & affectionate & social. Not usually what you get from a stray but she has been great with Haddie & Eason & even overly excited Garren who has been absolutely obsessed with her. He wakes up asking for the "kitty cat," says "nite nite kitty cat," & even "bye bye kitty cat" when we leave the house. 

Murphee checked out great. She didn't fuss when they drew her blood or did her exam. Her blood work was all good & physically she's a healthy little 2lb 6oz kitten.

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