Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Chandler!!!

Friday was our nephew Chandler's 3rd birthday. We really need to figure out how to slow these kids down, they grow WAY too fast!

The Birthday Boy Chandler

Saturday was his Luau Birthday Party (almost turned Hurricane party, lol) My sister did an awesome job decorating & everyone had a blast. There were a few rain breaks due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Chantal passing through. The boys played with Chandler & their grandparents & Donna. They were in & out of the pool. The most fun thing to do was play in the pool shower. Chandler is a few inches taller than the boys & could keep turning the shower on for all of them to play in, they also spent a little time playing in the water fountains :-/

Party goers

Grandma's boy Garren

Kellan & his silly happy face

Donna & Caden

Kellan (r) thought Chandler was hysterical 

Who needs a pool when there's an outdoor shower?!?

Autumn showing off baby Nadia :)

We had Pizza & Salad for lunch but the boys really just wanted the juice boxes :) it's hard to get them to slow down enough to eat when we are at fun functions.

Chandler opened his birthday gifts after lunch. After he opened a couple he said "all done, cake now!" lol... He pushed through though & opened the rest. When Autumn wasn't quick enough Hugh he was sure to remind her "next present please!" I love toddlers, their track of mind & ability to just say what they they want without filtering it :)
Our gift, lol...
The box was so big 1 roll of paper wouldn't cover it & I was too lazy to go back to the store, so 2 different papers & a little decorative duct tape did the trick :)
Caden hijacked this Thomas the Train quickly!!!

Opening ours...
It's a bean bag chair, YAY!!!
After gifts we of course had cake!
The singing...

The blowing...

The eating!!!

Kellan, Grandma & Aliyah
Kellan took a fall (poor kid can't catch a break) & skinned pretty much his whole face & elbow & knee & ankle :(

We took the boys back to my sister's house shortly after gifts to get them changed & ready for a nap. 

After the party we spent some time with my parents, my brother in laws parents & grandmother, Autumn, Steven, Chandler & my bonus sister Mindy who arrived later during the party with her husband & our niece Aliyah. I still had my dad & bonus moms mothers/fathers day gifts & Autumn also had gifts for their big 60th birthdays. So we gave them their gifts & then we all had gifts for Aliyah for her 2nd birthday that was on July 3rd.
Pretty girl Aliyah,
she's not going to be the only girl cousin for too much longer :)

The boys got a short nap but I don't think Chandler or Aliyah did so Steven blew up the bounce house Chandler got for his birthday & we let the kids play in it in the house while it rained outside. The kids all had a blast & we had a nice visit with everyone.

Chandler's new bounce house
Chandler (top) Kellan (bottom)

Chandler dropping

Aliyah & Garren sliding

Aliyah watching the boys drop from the top

Caden with his hijacked Thomas the Train playing in the kitchen.
I don't know how we got out of there without that thing, lol...

We had to head back shortly before dinner so the pup pups little bladders didn't burst. It was a great day with family :)

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