Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hearing Screen Take II

The boys had their follow up hearing tests yesterday morning & they all PASSED!!! So, that's one less thing for us to worry about & we know that it is not a reason or concern with Caden & Kellan's speech delay.

C, G, & K munching on graham crackers while they wait

We had a little celebratory lunch with "da mom mom"
(I haven't figured out yet if G is saying the mom mom  or putting a little bit of Donna's name in front of mom mom, if she doesn't answer him, he is quick to yell "DONNYA!")

As a result of cleaning the boys ears with peroxide, they are no longer cooperative with having their ears cleaned :( By the end of the week I had to hold them down to clean them when normally they just sit in my lap to get them cleaned & then try to clean them themselves too. Hopefully the memory of peroxide in their ears will pass & they will go go back to being cooperative. They are really getting too big to wrestle with now! 

Luckily (for me) the boys did not grow or gain any weight in the last week, lol...

We were a little concerned about Garren's eye though & asked Dr J if she could take a peek at it. His right eye had been runny & he looked like he had been crying for the past week. I initially thought it was allergies & have been giving him his allergy medication but it didn't get any better. That's because he has Pink Eye. The boys have all had pink eye before but their eyes were really red & goopy, this has just been runny & just yesterday did he wake up with a crusty eye. Turns out that is the difference between viral pink eye & bacterial pink eye. So he got a prescription for antibiotic eye drops with a refill for any of us who may also get it since it is pretty contagious.


  1. If cleaning ears was bad - I can't imagine how bad putting in eye drops will be! Good luck! I know my kids HATE when the eye doctor puts in eye drops.

    1. He hates the eye drops, he squeezes his eyes closed which kind of works out, I drop them in the corner & when he opens his eyes they are in! I just have to wrestle him down which I hate doing but it has to be done :-/

  2. A secret that I found that works with eye drops and one that I'm sure you've already heard and tried....have them close their eye. squirt it in the inner corner. have them open their eye and turn their head. (for 2 year olds. you sit on their arms and while they are screaming with their eye closed you squirt it in the middle timed perfectly with their head thrashing back and forth. This is the important part. You have to stabilize the childs head at this point because a head thrash can drip medication over the nose to the wrong eye or over closed eye not getting enough medication to the inside part of the eye. THEN you carefully pull open their eye to allow the drop to wash over their eyeball. Letting the child snap it shut containing the medication to the sick eye. Continue holding arms down as to avoid them rubbing medicated eye and or hitting you. Remember to occasionally check to make sure that the childs limbs are not turning purple from the pressure of your body weight. You can get side tracked with steps above and not realize that your body weight has shifted.
    (eardrops are similar only without that pesky eye to open)

    yay on hearing screens.

    1. Lol... I love your tips! A nurse showed me once that if you hold their hands above their head, they can't turn their head back & forth :) I'm still having a little trouble with the eye rubbing though :-/



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