Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthday Party Fun!!!

Saturday we took the boys to a birthday party for another set of triplet boys.

Their friends Bryce, Riley & Tyson turned 3!

They had so much fun playing with all the other kids, running around the back yard, attempting to blow bubbles & splashing in the kiddie pool.

Everyone having some cake

They were too busy to eat a real lunch but were certain to get some birthday cake!!! I think Caden ate all the cake that the other kids left behind & Kellan came back to the table & helped himself to one of the other boys' icing, lol...
The Birthday Boys
The best photo we could get of all 6 boys

The party was a blast, it was fun to sit back & watch the boys have a good time with the other kids. I think there were only a couple of kids there that were not part of a set of multiples. In addition to the birthday boys & our boys there were twin girls in attendance & a couple of singletons :)

Bryce, Riley & Tyson, we hope you had a fantastic 3rd birthday & thank you so much for including us in your fun!!!

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