Monday, June 17, 2013

Two Year Portraits

We finally got our photo CD in on Saturday & I have to say they were well worth the wait!!! They always are though :) I have to say I am one lucky mommy to have such talented photographer friends who are willing to put up with us, this photo shoot was among the toughest (right along with the last one.)
They do start to listen at some point right???
And stop running all over the place???
Well you'd never know how difficult they were by the photos (except for maybe the group shot) the photos are once again AMAZING!!!

***WARNING*** there are A LOT of photos!!! Some are repeats with different edits, I already had to narrow down what I liked from an even larger selection & just couldn't do it again. I LOVE THEM ALL & have no idea how I am going to decide what to have printed?!? Maybe I'll take votes?

Garren, Kellan & Caden




Again a BIG Thank You to my friend Kareen Rashelle. Please check out her website & facebook page & if you live in Central FL, you should most definitely use her as your photographer!!!

So help me decide what to have printed, which ones are your favorite?


  1. I LOVE the first one of all of you! what a brilliant framing, with just your legs and their faces. beautiful!

  2. That's like asking to pick my favorite chocolate chip cookie.
    Obviously the artistic flair of the picture is yours to choose. Some like the more natural, raw picture and some like that extra oomph. Personally....when you look at them like this, side by side, it's easy to pick when you know the style you like more. But if you framed them and hung them up without seeing the others. You wouldn't notice.
    That said. Love the family pic. Love the one of Garren looking at you and also the close up of him smiling. Too bad you couldn't put the two together :)
    I like to see them looking at Kellen sitting and looking at the camera is cute. and the one playing with the grass is sweet. I love how his feet are crossed slightly.
    Caden didn't give you the looking at the camera....but I love love that 2nd group of shots with him looking sideways. I also really like the one close up shot of him looking sideways. The last one.

    Oh hell...they're all great. They are going to look fabulous printed and framed.

  3. You're gonna have to just go ahead and order all of the pictures! I seriously don't know how you would possibly narrow them down. And when did the boys stop being babies and become little guys?!

    All 3 have such beautiful eyes. :)



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