Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life's A Beach!!!

You'll probably be tired of my beach posts by the end of the month, let alone by the end of summer. If it weren't for going to a new beach on Jekyll Island this weekend I wouldn't post about it but... it was a new beach :)

While the beach we have usually gone to is great, we decided to do a little exploring this weekend & try out another beach.

St Simon's Island Beach is where we usually go. It's a nice big beach with a snack bar, restrooms, dog wash (where we rinse the boys) & showers. There is a nice big parking lot & it is a fairly short distance from the parking lot to the beach. It is a busier beach though.

So from where we live we have a few options of islands & beaches on each of the islands. Jekyll Island is a little more obscure Than St Simon's. Last year we drove completely around the island looking for a "beach parking lot" & never found one. There are different parks all the way around that have access to the different beaches, but you wouldn't know unless you were told. So a few people have mentioned a couple of their favorite spots & we decided to check the one at the soccer complex out.

There is a long boardwalk form the parking lot to the beach with stairs at the end.

 Garren checking out the waves
 These boys love to play in the water!!!

 Kellan running to the water
Caden running in & out of the water
The tide was out & left this lovely little river of warm water for the boys to play in.
Caden & Kellan

Caden & Kellan


Kellan & Caden

Kellan, Garren, Mama & Caden

I loved the different colored sand

Time to go...

Garren was not pleased to be leaving, lol...
It was another fun day on the beach with the boys. We did see a couple jelly fish on the shore so I left the boys in their water shoes just in case one got hung up in that little river left on the shore. Other than that, it was a very nice, very quiet beach. We weren't alone on the beach but there were not many people there.


  1. I would give anything to live near a beach! I would take Grace there all the time and would post a ton about it, lol. These pictures are beautiful. You guys always have the boys dressed in the cutest little outfits. :)

    1. I do love the beach!!! I grew up on the gulf coast of FL & dreamed about raising our boys on the beach. I must say I was less than excited when Donna took a transfer to GA though. The thought of South GA just didn't seem exciting or welcoming for a same sex couple with kids. The beaches have been its saving grace though, they are much nicer than I expected & the boys absolutely love playing in the sand & water :)
      Thank you for the compliment of their clothes too! The swim suits are courtesy of their Grandma & Grandpa W.



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