Monday, June 10, 2013

Never Could I Imagine...

I posted this on facebook this morning, I was still hysterically laughing about what had just happened & tonight I thought I should share it here as we'll.

Yep, Garren came to the kitchen where I had my back turned to him, he did his Stewie impersonation "mom, mum... MOM," & when I turned to him he held his hand up with a little surprise for me, his POOP!!! Thankfully is was a tidy firm poop & I found it quite amazing that I didn't even think twice about holding my hand out to take it from him. It is amazing what having children does to you. Things that you thought would make you ill no longer do & you would much rather have your kid spit his chewed up food in your hand rather than have to clean it up off the floor. Same goes for poop, lol

So, we are potty training Garren. He is the most ready & I thought it would be easier to keep track & train them one at a time rather than try to keep up with 3 pant-less 2 year olds. We are taking a casual approach to it, not making it a big deal, unless there is success of course! Garren let's us know when he needs to go. Going on the potty is still a bit of a challenge for him though. He prefers to have a diaper back on to go. He has gone in the potty a few times, a couple times when we have caught him mid-accident & twice when he just couldn't hold it any longer. He cries when he goes in the potty or anywhere else for that matter, he rarely has an accident though.
We are working on making him more comfortable with it. Just trying out the potty chair or toilet a few times a day, mostly when he expresses a need to go. While we are there, we read, work on lash cards, play with the potty watch or other small toys & even do puzzles on my iPhone. 
We have cheered for him & given rewards when he has gone even a little in the potty chair or toilet, it hasn't helped motivate him or make him feel better about going in the potty, we're not giving up though & will keep trying.
This afternoon he hung out on the potty chair for a good while, wearing my sunglasses & playing with his mega bloks. I thought we were going to have success but alas he lost interest & got up.
I wish I could have caught a photo of him sitting there but Kellan had my phone :(
I'm going to get a few more videos about using the potty & a couple of books too. I'm hoping if the boys see more than just me using the toilet they will be more comfortable with it.

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  1. My brother did this to my mom at church. :) ha ha ha It was so long it hung over both sides of his hands. Thankfully the fiber kept it together.

    Good luck with that potty training. As someone who has done it before...let me tell you this. When they are ready it will be easy. If it's hard...they aren't ready. Give them and yourself some time.



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