Friday, June 7, 2013

Initial Evaluation

Someone from Early Intervention or Babies Can't Wait as they call it here came by Monday to do an initial evaluation on the boys for suspected speech delay. She actually evaluated them for all kinds of developmental delays. It was pretty much the same questionnaire we fill out at the doctors office though & the boys scored fine in "communication" & all other areas. Their "communication" skills aren't what we were concerned with it is their actual speech. We were given the option to keep an eye on them ourselves or have another evaluation with an actual speech therapist. We opted for an evaluation with a therapist, if for nothing else to ease our minds & she can give us tips on how to get them to start using words together.

I'm not super worried or overly concerned about this but feel its better to have them evaluated & know for sure before they get to school & have a problem. Actually in the time since the boys' 2 year check-up Garren has started stringing words & talking in sentences. It surprises me when he does it because he's saying so much at once. He has also turned into that little character Stewie saying "Mom... Mum... Mom mom!" It's great when he does it while I'm driving & he wants to hand me a piece of lint he found on his carseat, lol.

So Caden & Kellan are probably right behind Garren & by the time the therapist makes her appointment with us we won't really need her & she will laugh at us for even being concerned.

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