Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Caden + Insect Stings = Trouble!

Well not terrible trouble but the little guy has a "localized" allergic reaction, meaning he swells up & turns red. It most likely hurts & obviously from the scratching, it itches.

We didn't take him to the doctor right away, we were actually at the mall in Savannah when he got stung. As we were walking through the mall he kept reaching down & grabbing his ankle & that's when I noticed he had been stung, by what? Who knows...

That night when we got home his ankle was a little swollen & the next morning it was a little red but not swollen much. I checked it again after naps & it was bumpy but still not red or swollen so I thought it was fine. When Donna got home from work she noticed Caden's ankle right away, it was really swollen & red so I went ahead & took him to urgent care. 

The doctor thought it looked like a bee, wasp or hornet sting, hard to tell the difference I guess? He gave us a prescription cream to use that helps with the swelling & discomfort of the sting. The sting still looks ugly but the redness & swelling stay down with the cream. I've had to put socks on Caden when he sleeps to keep him from scratching but other than that he is fine.


  1. Poor little honey! How is Caden's ankle doing now? Better I hope!

    1. It is much better now, just a little scabby from him scratching it :)



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