Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grocery Store Helper

I usually take one of the boys with me to run errands when Donna is home. It gives me a little one on one time with them & gives those that stay home a little more attention from Donna. Caden & Kellan have really been in need of some extra attention from Donna so Garren has gone with me twice this week. Tonight he helped me grocery shop & I promise he did have a snack before we went but that did not stop him from eating his way through Publix.

Garren's first real chocolate chip cookie.

He really just wanted some fruit though! I had to hide the bananas to keep him from peeling them, then he helped himself to the apples, not just this one apple but he had to take a bite of all the apples. Thankfully I was able to get cherries & grapes into the cart without him noticing, lol...


  1. That little face is too cute! I think it awesome that you try and have alone time with each of the boys!

    This post reminds me of Grocery shopping with Grace. She always has to eat a banana. The first time she did our checkout lady freaked because she couldn't weigh the banana so she didn't know how much to charge us, lol! I finally suggested she just weigh one of the other bananas because chances were they weighed the same... She reluctantly agreed... ;)



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