Monday, June 24, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

It has rained everyday for the past 4 days here. Not non stop for 4 days but a new thunderstorm each day & not the typical summer afternoon thunderstorm. These storms have rolled around mid morning & last just late enough into the afternoon to keep us from being able to get out of the house.

Have I complained enough? Can you tell how annoyed I am with this weather? 

So today we decided to take the boys up to Savannah to the mall for a little indoor playground action. Sounds kind of lame to drive an hour just to let the boys play at the mall but we don't have anything close to home for them to do except for open gym & that is only on Saturdays.

The mall ended up being better than we even thought it would be for the boys. They had the indoor play area, a carousel & a train that rode around a huge sand sculpture. The boys loved playing in the play area! They thought the carousel was a ton of fun to watch & the train too. They were not not interested in riding either though. 

We had lunch & even squeezed in a trip to Super Target. If our Target had these carts I'd be there all day long!!!

We had a simple but fun day & it was nice to get the boys out of the house for a little while even if they did miss their naps.

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  1. aaaahhhhh mall playgrounds. Sometimes there's nothing better. :)
    I remember buying a small fry so that my boys could play in the Carls Jr. playground while their sister was in gymnastics over the winter time.

    Here's to a decrease in thunderstorms.



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