Monday, June 3, 2013

An Unplanned New Addition

When Donna took over her station here last year there were about 9 feral cats that the employees were feeding. Shortly after that a couple of the cats had kittens & they were up to around 14 cats.
Donna is an animal lover! She loves all living creatures & has asking sense of caring for them. 

So fast forward to this spring, one of the cats that has been at the station the longest is once again pregnant. This cat, who they call "mama cat" has made her way into the office & had been spending her days lounging in a chair along side of the customer service agents. Because she was pregnant Donna had been going in on Saturdays & Sundays making sure she was fed. One weekend the cat was especially chatty & rubbing all over Donna's legs. That Monday she arrived at work & mama cat made her way into Donna's office & proceeded to have her kittens gift there. Donna didn't have anything but her jacket to put down for the cat, so needless o say she now needs a new jacket.

Donna kept t asking about which of the kittens she liked best & which one responded to her voice the most & I kept insisting that Haddie would most definitely disown us if we brought one more baby anything into the house. Finally one of the guys at work took mama cat & her kittens home to care for them until the kittens were weaned. Luckily he has found homes for just about all he kittens & a local cat rescue organization has agreed to spay mama cat for a small fee & re-release her to the FedEx people.

Whew! Dodged a bullet there, right!

Well Friday morning Donna gets to work & one of her employees tells her that there is a small kitten inside the warehouse, hiding behind some tires. Donna goes to check him out & he is TINY. His mama is no where to be found & he is starving!!! Of course Donna does what she can to soften some food & get him to eat. She gets up Saturday morning to go into work to feed the kitten again & I broke down & told her to just bring him home. I couldn't stand the thought of an abandoned kitten in a warehouse full of stinking diesel trucks & she was going to run back & forth to make sure he was fed anyways. I figured we would be able to find him a home & make sure he thrived in the meantime...

Well, I'm a sucker & one little visit with the tiny kitten melted my heart...

She/he started out in our bathroom, so she/he could get use to Donna & I first. She/he was pretty skittish & would hide when we walked in.

That night Haddie discover the kitten & hung out at the bathroom door that was blocked with a baby gate. It didn't take long for the kitty to make friends with her through the gate.

By the next day the kitten had ventured into our bedroom but was taking cover under our bed. She/he was easily coaxed out with a jingly ball.

Today, she/he has been visiting with Haddie & tonight she/he ventured out of our bedroom & has been chasing both pups around the house.

We are still shielding her/him from the boys although Garren has seen her/him & exclaims kitty cat along with signing it. I'm just not sure the boys are gentle enough for a tiny kitten & I really do not want them getting scratched by her/him.

So we are undecided if the kitten is a boy or a girl. Upon Donna's first observation she said girl but later on changed her mind & thought boy. Tonight she is thinking girl again, so who knows?!? We'll get "it" to the vet soon & know for sure, in the meantime we are calling her/him Murphy. the name will probably stick regardless of its gender :)

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