Friday, June 28, 2013

Playgroup Fun!!!

The past 2 Tuesdays I have taken the boys down to Jacksonville to join my sister & her playgroup for a little pool fun.

The boys haven't been crazy about going straight into a deep pool & not being able to touch the bottom. My sister's neighborhood pool has a zero entry (like the beach) & was great for the boys to wade in as deep as they were comfortable. 

Garren taking it all in

Garren flirting with a girl

Kellan went right in, chest deep without a second thought

The best photo I could get of all 3 of the boys,
Caden (top right) Kellan (top right) & Garren (front)

Garrens puddle jumper was a little big & would slip down outside of the water

So many kids!!!

Snack time

Or maybe lunch time :)

Caden having fun splashing 

We've all had a great time & plan to continue going weekly :)

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