Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We started our Easter weekend with a visit from friends & fellow triplet family from Winston-Salem. (where we moved from last year) Their boys were still in the NICU when we moved so it was the first time we got to meet them in person. It was a brief visit over brunch as they were on their way to Orlando but it was really great to see them.

Friday afternoon we took the boys to get their hair cut. They were long overdue & honestly I was holding off until I thought they had enough hair for a clipper cut, a "standard boys cut" as their barber called it :) Lucky for me they finally had enough hair, not that it was even a question for Garren but Caden & Kellan were still pretty thin on top at their first haircut. I absolutely LOVE their new haircuts!!!

Saturday we took the boys to the "Easter Egg Stroll" on Jekyll Island. Last year they slept through our Easter Egg hunt so this was the boys first go at it. I was surprised at well they actually did, we just showed them a couple times to pick up the eggs & put them in the baskets. They were quick to pick them up but just wanted to hang onto the one they had & play with it but they all caught on & had baskets full quickly. When they got bored with putting them in their baskets they started playing other games with the eggs. Caden would pick up an egg, hold it straight up in the air, drop it behind his back & clap, lol. Kellan just started tossing them :)
We walked around the historic area for a little while enjoying the perfect 70 degree weather. I had hoped to get the boys picture taken with the Easter Bunny but the line wrapped around a deck ramp & we were certain the boys would not have stood in line so we skipped it.



Garren & Caden (Kellan in the background)


Today we went out to my parents, my sister & her family were also there for the weekend. My mom made a super yummy Easter dinner & the boys ate a variety of food including ham, potatoes, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, baked beans & cauliflower salad. Kellan though everything tasted better from Uncle Stevens plate & Caden thought the serving bowl made a good serving size for him as he stuck his spoon directly in the bowl for a bite.
The boys didn't care too much about hunting eggs today but they were eager to run through the yard. Garren was sure to hug & kiss my parents dog, Buddy, & then he moved on to "mowing" the lawn. The boys crack me up with toy lawn mowers!
After they ran around for a while we decided to try to get some pictures of the boys & my nephew, Chandler. We got a few really cute ones.

Chandler, Caden, Kellan & Garren
Caden, Kellan, Garren
The Easter Bunny did make a delivery for the boys, they each got a VTech phone & a shirt, along with Easter eggs, jelly beans, chocolate eggs.

Nana & Papa also got the boys these adorable bunnies.

We had a fantastic weekend packed full of fun & family!!! We hope you had a great Easter too!!! 

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  1. oh my holy cuteness in the form of new haircuts.
    LOVE them.
    Glad you had a great Easter.



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