Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TWO Years Old!!!

Sounds kind of crazy to say it out loud...

"We have three 2 year olds."

Or for even more shock value...

"We have 2 year old triplets!"

The boys turned 2 on Sunday. I've been trying to get caught up from traveling over the weekend & all the festivities all week & am just getting to this post...

A onesie the boys wear now (24 months) & the onesie they wore the day they were released from the NICU at 6 weeks old (preemie)

The preemie diapers the boys wore when they were released form the NICU & todays diaper. We do still cloth diaper but keep disposables on hand too :)

I feel like in the past month, maybe 2, the boys have really learned so much! Some of the things I mention they have been doing for a while.

Their speech has really taken off!
They say & identify nose, eye, ear, teeth, knees, & toes. They also identify but don't say foot, fingers, hair, & mouth.
They say & identify colors. It is pretty random when they say them, like when we were driving back from Orlando, a bright yellow tractor trailer passed us & one of the boys said "yellow!"
They also say & identify shapes, they sound like "kirkle" (circle) "didom" (diamond) "staw" (star) octagon & oval are pretty clear.
Most recently they have started saying & repeating letters. They can identify some of them & also try to say their ABC's
We have not started numbers yet but I have heard Kellan counting along with Mickey on Mickey's clubhouse. I was taken by surprise when Mickey counted to 5 & Kellan yelled out "6!" So I let them watch a little more Mickey now, lol...
The boys love books! They like to turn the pages themselves & tell us what it on the page. I LOVE that they usually sign & say the object.
They sign just about everything in their Signing Time videos now, even the intro & closing song. I'd like to get the Signing Time video with the alphabet for them, I just think it would make learning letters that much more for them & I feel slightly better when they are dog something physical while watching a video, even if it is just signing :)

The boys are starting to identify some animals & vehicles by their sound. If hey see a car or ducks while we are walking they will say vroom (or rather make the noise) or say quack quack. They also say chugga chugga or choo choo for trains.

I don't know if I dare say this out loud (or in writing) but the boys seem to have reached a point of understanding/listening when it comes to the things they are aloud & not aloud to do, for example pulling out the dining room table chairs & climbing on them. Now if I catch them in the act and ask them to put the chair back they do. We've been able to walk to & from the car holding hands with minimal letting go or wandering away. And if I ask them to pick something up,give me something or put something back they do... I'll say 75% of the time, there is still a reasonable amount of testing their limits & some I just don't want to moments.

Garren, taking care of business at Grandma & Grandpa's

I think last month I mentioned Garren's clingyness & maybe even Caden's jealousy (?) I'm convinced its an age appropriate phase. Kellan has now joined in & is clingy, needing a little extra attention & snuggles. Garren has calmed down a bit with it but still needs more physical contact than he use to. Caden is also still a little clingy, he mostly just doesn't want to be left out if the other 2 are being held or cuddled. We are trying to be extra diligent in including him because in his jealousy he has started hitting & pulling hair & we can't have that!

Kellan, modeling an outfit from Nana & Papa
Kellan is still very sensitive physically, he is completely devastated if one of his brothers hits him or pulls his hair & equally so if he hurts himself. He is also this way with being told no or if his brothers or even cousin are told no & we have found out recently that he is sensitive to loud authoritative male voices. My brother in law scolded my nephew sternly & Kellan lost it, he also wouldn't go near my brother in law for a little bit :-/
He & Caden are coming out of their shyness though. Just a few weeks ago they were crying or hiding if a stranger talked to them & now they ride or walk around saying "hi" or "bye" & waving.

Caden, flashing those beautiful blue eyes

Physically the boys are running, jumping, spinning & climbing, as I'm sure most 2 year olds are. Garren & Caden have no fear! They will climb as high as they can get & plop down on a slide 2 stories tall & slide without a second thought. Kellan is not quite as adventurous, he will do it if lead but his curiosity doesn't lead him to do it on his own, he would rather run... & run & run & run!!!
They each like to dance & sing too. Garren mimics a lot of the dancing he sees in their videos & all 3 of them have the clapping, feet stomping & shouting "hooray!" down when If You're Happy & You Know It comes on.

So far 2 hasn't been so terrible but we've got a whole year ahead of us, so we will see...

The Circle of Moms Top 25 Moms of Multiples blog contest is still going in for a few more day & we sure could use a few more votes!!! You can vote daily (every 24 hours) & would be very appreciated if you voted for us!!!


  1. Two isn't terrible - two is terrific! Now three...oh, three...that was, shall we say, quite a "trying" time. It's like a switch was flipped, and my sweet little boy turned into a fart loving, crotch grabbing, annoying little boy-man! I swear he acquired every stereotype ever attributed to a little boy in a matter of days, and I was totally unprepared for it. Memories of the annoying, "icky" boys in kindergarten who tormented me with their burps, fart sounds, and toilet humor flooded my consciousness. I'm convinced it's just innate for some boys, because he sure didn't learn that behavior from me! Also, his toilet aim, which thus far had been stellar, rapidly deteriorated.

    On the plus side, four has been mostly great. I look forward to my little boy turning five late next month...though the thought of my only baby starting kindergarten makes me feel all funny.

    Enjoy your babies - they are adorable!

  2. The size differences in those pictures are amazing.
    Cute big boys !



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