Monday, April 29, 2013

10 hours...

My cousin got married Saturday. It was a formal wedding & rather than getting all dressed up & chasing babies all night, Donna thought it would be better if her & the boys stayed behind. My sister & her husband were also on board with the idea so Autumn & I went to the wedding sans children & spouses.

We were all still in Orlando for the weekend so Donna decided she would take the boys & visit her parents for the afternoon one last time since they will be heading back to NY for the summer soon. Donna left with the boys about noon. This was the first time I have left the boys for more than an hour or so & I'll be honest, I shed a couple tears as they pulled out of the driveway knowing it would likely be 10 hours before I saw them again.

I showered & dressed in peace, no screaming toddlers, no lost sippy cups to find, no hair pulling or toy snatching, just quiet. Too quiet really, lol...

My sister & I left at 2 for the wedding, it was a couple hours away. We had an uneventful drive but all I could really think about was what Donna & the boys were up to. Were the boys behaving, did Donna remember what time they ate, did her mom have enough milk for them??? I didn't call though & I didn't text reminders. Letting go is very hard but I did, but I didn't stop thinking about them all night!

Heather & Dean
About 7pm I called to check in. Donna was on her way back to my dads & said that Kellan had been crying off & on all day, he didn't nap earlier in the day but had dozed off in the car just then. Autumn & I decided to say our goodbyes & head back. It was a lovely wedding & I felt bad that we were leaving early but I didn't want Kellan to be unsettled all night & I really wanted to see them all if I could before they went to bed.

We didn't get home until close to 10pm. Luckily the boys all had a little nap in the car on their way home & were in good spirits despite being up 2 hours past bedtime. It was nice to see their surprised little faces when I walked in & nice to know they missed me too.

Donna said they were all good all day with the exception of Kellan's little breakdowns. He just required extra hugs & would fine again for a little while. Not that I ever doubted her, but I feel relieved that the day went so well for Donna & the boys, I won't worry so much when the next occasion comes up that I might need to be gone for the better part of the day.

I have about 6 more days to harass you all into voting for us in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Moms of Multiples blog contest, so, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
Thanks so much to those of you who have been voting & remember you can vote everyday. (every 24 hours)

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