Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boys = Blood

Caden & Garren didn't want Kellan to feel so alone with his bumps, bruises, & bloodshed.
While we were visiting our parents last weekend Caden tripped & fell walking into the garage from outside. He smacked his mouth on the concrete & gave himself a bloody lip. He was fine after about 10 minutes of crying & have & kisses from both moms & grandma & grandpa.

Sunday night, after we got home from our parents, the boys were all running through the house when Garren's face & Caden's head collided. Caden was knocked down by the impact but he was up & running again in seconds. Garren grabbed his face & screamed!!! Donna grabbed him up real quick but he still had his hands cupped over his nose & mouth. I went to look at him just as he lifted his hands & saw a very bloody nose. He wouldn't let either of us near it to try to help him. He wouldn't lay down, he just screamed & cried & sprayed blood everywhere!!! He eventually sneezed & apparently that made everything better, he stopped crying & his nose stopped bleeding & he went right back to running with his brothers.

I just know they are going to give me a heart attack one of these days!!!

Here are the boys, Kellan, Caden & Garren, still in their cloth diapers at almost 2 years old :) If only I could get them to pose like they did in their newborn photo, lol...

1 comment:

  1. My little boys are still bloody and bruised and they are nearly 5. sheesh.
    What's nice is they seem to recover fast. Cute picture.



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