Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Quick Visit

We DID NOT go to Florida in March!!!
Can you believe it?!?
I can't, lol...

We actually had a visit planned but Donna was sick & then the boys were sick & then I was sick, ugh... It was rough but hey, the weather is improving, well for us in the south it is :)

Well we decided we needed to sneak in an early April visit since the next time we see Donna's parents the end of April will be our last visit with them in FL for the season. They are snowbirds & will be heading back to Upstate NY come May.

With all of us having been sick, Donna's days off are running kind of low so we made this visit a quick one. We drove down Friday afternoon, spent Saturday with the parents & headed home Sunday.
We made the most of the short time we were there. Friday evening I snuck in a quick haircut with my old boss, Bruno. Saturday Donna's parents came over & we cooked out. Saturday evening Donna had an appointment with her hairdresser & got a trim. We ate at our old favorite Mexican place in Mt Dora Saturday night & snuck in a quick trip to Toys R Us Sunday morning before heading back home.

Grandma & Grandpa Tilyou brought the boys the cutest cowboy hats & Grandma made them horses to ride (you know, the kind on a broomstick.)

Caden has been on a hat kick, signing & saying "hat" every time he spots one, so he loved wearing his cowboy hat & carrying his horse.
Garren LOVES riding his horse,
although he usually has the horse upside down, lol
He's also been very into wearing hats lately.

Our visit went by way too quick but I'm glad we at least got to see them & we will be back down at the end of the month for my cousins wedding & a little birthday celebrating for 3 little boys I know that will be turning TWO!!!

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