Friday, March 29, 2013

23 Months

This last month the boys had yet another growth spurt, like they needed it! I don't have details on their weight or heights, we will just have to be surprised at their 2 year check-up. I do know Caden is an obvious bit taller than both Kellan & Garren. Garren has finally gotten too heavy to tote around for too long. And Kellan is busting out of his pj's.
The boys ate non stop for 2 days, literally standing at the kitchen gate begging for food a half hour after the meal they just ate double portions of. It still cracks me up how that happens.

Caden, Garren & Kellan
The boys are basically in all 24 month or 2T clothes, poor Garren is so thin though, he has to have adjustable waist pants in order to keep them up. Depending on the brand Caden & Kellan sometimes need 3T shirts & they are wearing 3T pajamas.

They are little sponges lately, repeating just about any word you say or sign. I had to text a friend & ask for a couple of signs that aren't on their videos & that I didn't know because they were looking for a sign to pair up with what they had (dried fruit & cookie.) Getting them to slow down & use words to tell you what they want is a little bit of a challenge but we are getting there. Signing helps A LOT!
They have started to sing a little bit of the alphabet song & identify shapes. Kellan's favorite shape to say is oval. Caden loves to point to parts of our faces & repeat what they are, his favorite is teeth. Garren is very very busy bossing his brothers around. He is quick to tell them to "get down" or "no no." They all are starting to sing the tune to songs they hear in their videos. It's amazing to me the things they pick up!

Garren is very much Donna's mama's boy, he's mine when she isn't home but when she is hear they are attached at the hip. Kellan is my mama's boy, he is still very sensitive & wants my comforting or reassurance when he gets hurt or disciplined. He is also back to crying when we go into someplace unfamiliar but only if someone comes right up to him. He's fine in stores. Going into offices or houses where people want to come right up & talk to him sends him into tears. Caden is having some of these same reactions too, where he use to just hide his face in my leg. Caden has been pretty independent lately. He does love to snuggle & will run over for a hug every so often but he's happy playing on his own, especially if one of his brothers is not trying to take what he has.

Caden & Kellan
It is hard to believe the boys will be 2 years old in less than a month now. Really, where does the time go?

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