Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Skinned Knees

Bumped & bruised & skinned knees... That's what being a boy is all about, right? I do remember my own fair share of skinned knees though, it's definitely proof that a good time was had at the playground anyway!

Kellan & Cadens knees

Garrens knees
The boys had a really good time playing ON the playground this time. Garren & Caden like to go all the way to the top of the big kids play thing & they love to go down the big slides by themselves. Kellan doesnt mind going down the big slide but he is not as interested in climbing all the way up there. Chandler, my nephew, goes to the very top & slides like a champ through the twisty tunnel slides. when he pops out at the bottom he runs right back up to do it again. I love watching them all play!
It is tough for Donna & I to take the boys to the park just the 2 of us against the 3 of them (little runners) So thank you Aunt O, Uncle Steven & Chandler for playing with us & helping keep up with them all :)

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  1. Makayla has more bumps, bruises and scratches on her little legs than I've ever seen. I actually feel I should cover her legs in public. Lol!! It's definitely not just a boy thing so don't feel bad :) we love the park too. I often take them to the one in my neighborhood bc it's fenced and they have a blast and I don't stress too bad about being alone. Next visit we will all have to go to the park together! :)



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